How It Works


The Department of Assessment can re-assess your property every year.

In accordance with the New York State Real Property Tax Law, you are entitled to challenge your property tax assessment annually. Even if you filed a previous year, you may file again. If you feel your property taxes are too high, you may file a grievance. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by challenging your assessment.



Here are some things you should know:

  • Your assessed value cannot increase as a result of filing a grievance.

  • Nobody from the county will come to your house as a result of filing.

  • More than half of all residents file a grievance each year.

  • You can file a grievance each year in addition to your property tax exemptions.

  • If we are not successful, we DO NOT charge a fee for our service.

  • The negotiation process typically takes the county 12-14 months to settle from the time that we file.


  • We are a full-service firm. Customer service and satisfaction are our #1 priority.

  • NO SAVINGS = NO FEE…So you have nothing to lose by filing.